Excellence Fine Art is the service of Beyond.Luxury platform dedicated to your passion for beauty. With a wide expertise and a long track record, we work on the international markets of Old, Modern and Contemporary Masters. Thanks to an international network of important Partner, we are committed in organizing and managing events dedicated to the art.

We operates globally and is able to pay attention to interesting deals and to facilitate the valuation, buying and selling process of an artwork and we offers our clients a wide range of high standing advisory services on individual masters or entire collections, due diligence, certifications, authentication, value, negotiation process of sale or purchase artworks, either privately or at auction. Thanks to the long expertise of our Partner, we aim to provide a complete and qualified advisory service.

Through our integrated media platform, web, magazine and events, we will give you the opportunity to build a strategic bridge towards our global network of wealthy families, in order to support and promote your artwork or collection.

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