Art Advisor

Through our collaboration with an outstanding network of artists and professionals, both on the national and global level, we are to able offer earnest, reliable advice on interesting opportunities to explore. In fact, art is an alternative asset class with low correlations when compared to traditional investments. 
Art consultants, art finance specialists and advisors, working alongside archives, foundations and auction houses, advise collectors on the choice of works that might turn out the most interesting on the market in terms of quality and investment potential.

Events & Exhibitions

With our great experience in arts and events, we organize exhibitions and events for our customers. Our professional team offers organization and promotion services for turnkey solutions designed down to the smallest details – from concept to planning to curating – in collaboration with organizations and institutions, both public and private (press office, communication, bookshop, ticket office, transportation, insurances).
Excellence Fine Art collaborates with a wide network of museums and galleries to identify the spaces where each art and culture project might best be developed.


Backed by our long-standing, well-established experience in publishing, we are able to publish catalogues, art books, book series, and art monographs. We craft every single volume with the utmost care, through an accurate graphic research and with contents developed by distinguished contributors from the Italian cultural scene, for an artful finishing touch. As we rediscover the Italian bookmaking tradition with the help of craftsmen, we create editorial products to be collected and passed on.

Marketing & Comunication

Through our integrated media platform, web, magazine and events, we will give you the opportunity to build a strategic bridge towards our global network of wealthy families, in order to support and promote your artwork or collection.

Excellence Artists

Among all services offered, Excellence Fine Art especially focuses on organizing solo and group exhibitions. Choosing exhibiting areas in outstanding locations and promoting events globally are key to any artist’s growth. With high-quality catalogues, contributions from critics and suitable programs, our art advisors are able to promote artists with significant feedback from the market, and in terms of recognition from the most prestigious networks.

Art Insurance

Excellence Fine Art identifies, assesses and manages all risks that might damage art heritage – paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, books, antiques and modern antiques, and more – by offering insurance solutions specifically designed for a market with unique characteristics.
Covering almost all harmful events that might affect art assets, our policies are designed to be tailored to every customer’s personal needs – whether they are private or corporate – in order to guarantee protection from all risks of loss or damage.

Estimates and assessments

Excellence Fine Art provides estimates and carries out assessments through the expertise of consultants specialized in modern and contemporary art.

Legal Advisor

Legal Advisor
We partner with the best legal consulting firms to support customers through all stages of buying and selling.

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